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Huawei Cloud Summit Malaysia 2023 Drives Digital Innovation

Published: 10.7.2023

The Huawei Cloud Summit Malaysia 2023, part of the Malaysia ICT Summit 2023, brought together industry leaders and ICT professionals to explore how Malaysian enterprises can leverage cloud computing, big data, and AI for transformation and sustainable growth.

Under the theme "Take a Cloud Leap," the focus was on innovation and venturing into new territories, aligning with Malaysia's prioritized digital transformation.

Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd CEO, Mr. Simon Sun, emphasized Huawei Cloud as an innovation hub, offering a wide range of cloud services and solutions reshaping the global landscape. He stressed the importance of pushing cloud capabilities to their limits, fostering visionary thinking, and challenging established norms.

YBhg. Datuk Ts. Dr. Haji Aminuddin bin Hassim, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI), highlighted Malaysia's vision for a fully connected and digital future. The commitment to position Malaysia among the world's top 30 innovative countries by 2030 is expected to bring significant benefits, including improved quality of life, higher incomes, increased job opportunities, and enhanced job quality for Malaysians.

Mr. Andy Wei, Vice President of Huawei Malaysia Cloud Business Unit, underscored cloud technology as pivotal for digital success. He emphasized that Malaysian organizations can efficiently initiate their digital transformation journey by tapping into Huawei's global expertise and resources.

Generative AI took center stage at the event, emphasizing its transformative potential across industries. Mr. Wei highlighted the launch of Huawei Cloud's Pangu Models 3.0, a system of large, pre-trained models tailored to specific sector needs, enhancing various applications.

He stressed the importance of a comprehensive cloud-native approach for successful generative AI adoption, advocating for a mindset of "think cloud-native, act cloud-native," encompassing digital strategies, cloud technologies, AI-driven approaches, and embracing Everything-as-a-Service.

Huawei showcased its dedication to advancing Malaysia's digital landscape, offering Malaysian organizations the means to adopt a 'cloud-native' approach. Huawei aims to provide Malaysia with a more innovative, inclusive, and open choice to thrive in the digital and intelligent era, ensuring equitable progress in the digital realm.

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