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Huawei Partners with Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy to Help Thailand to Drive AI Development

Published: 1.4.2024

China's technology giant Huawei and Thailand's Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) established a partnership on Monday, aiming to help drive the Southeast Asian country's digital transformation towards an artificial intelligence (AI) development hub in the region.

Speaking at the Huawei Cloud AI Summit Thailand 2023 in Bangkok, MDES Minister Prasert Jantararuangtong said the collaboration in the cloud and AI digital ecosystems will lead the kingdom to build its own dedicated AI, which is a key infrastructure for the future under the government's initiative to push cloud-first policies as the new growth engine.   

Cooperation with private sector partners like Huawei will help Thailand speed up digital transformation, develop talents, achieve economic sustainability, and improve people's well-being, Prasert said in his opening remarks. 

Huawei is assisting Thailand to harness the transformative power of AI by laying a solid digital foundation and establishing AI infrastructure for the government and businesses, which will result in the development of AI applications across various sectors, David Li, CEO of Huawei Thailand, told the summit.   

As Huawei seeks to develop the cloud foundation for an intelligent future, providing better solutions for each consumer, it showcased a variety of cutting-edge AI solutions and models specifically customized to Thailand's demands during the summit, including models for the Thai language, meteorology, government, and AI solutions for the finance and retail sectors, Li said. 

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