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India Achieves Milestone with First 64GB Memory Chip with Sahasra Semiconductors

Published: 10.30.2023

Sahasra Semiconductors, a semiconductor company based in Bengaluru, has unveiled India's inaugural memory chip, marking a significant stride in the nation's semiconductor sector. This groundbreaking chip is a 64GB LPDDR5 DRAM chip, produced through a cutting-edge 10nm fabrication process.


This chip's creation signifies India's competency in both developing and manufacturing advanced semiconductor technology. Moreover, it is anticipated to catalyze the growth of the Indian electronics sector, empowering domestic companies to produce their own electronic gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Furthermore, the memory chip is poised to bolster India's electronic device exports. Presently, India is a substantial importer of such devices, but this chip's development is expected to diminish the country's reliance on imports while bolstering its export capabilities.


The Indian government has been actively fostering the semiconductor industry's growth, launching initiatives like the Semiconductor Mission Program and extending financial support to semiconductor enterprises.


The factory initiated trial production in March 2023 and commenced commercial production in October 2023. It is projected to operate at 30% capacity by the close of 2023, with plans to reach its full production capacity in early 2024. The Bhiwadi facility represents a substantial investment for Sahasra Semiconductors and is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing India's semiconductor industry.


The development of India's inaugural memory chip is a momentous accomplishment for the nation, affirming the prowess of Indian engineers and scientists. This achievement is also expected to yield favorable outcomes for the Indian electronics industry.

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