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India and EU Forge Agreement to Support Supply Chain for Crucial Components

Published: 1.24.2024

A pivotal step towards chip mastery has been taken by India and the European Union as they inked a landmark agreement on semiconductor collaboration. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), born under the EU-India Trade and Technology Council (TTC), unlocks a treasure trove of joint efforts in research, innovation, and building a resilient supply chain for these crucial components. 


Signed on November 21, 2023, by Ashwini Vaishnaw from India and Thierry Breton from the EU, the MoU lays out a roadmap for robust semiconductor ecosystems. The partners will delve into the depths of research and development, nurturing talent pipelines, and fostering the exchange of valuable market knowledge. This collaboration aims to fortify the semiconductor value chain in both regions, ensuring a steady flow of these vital building blocks for modern technology. 


The MoU takes effect immediately and thrives on a spirit of long-term commitment. It remains active until both India and the EU agree on achieving its objectives, or if either party chooses to withdraw. This unwavering dedication echoes the efforts of India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), who are actively forging international partnerships to cultivate a vibrant domestic electronics manufacturing ecosystem. 


This pact marks a significant leap forward in the quest for semiconductor self-sufficiency, paving the way for a future where both India and the EU can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of chip technology. As the gears of collaboration grind into motion, one can only anticipate the exciting innovations and advancements that will blossom from this fruitful partnership. 
In a major step towards secure and independent chip technology, India and the EU have signed a comprehensive agreement. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focuses on joint efforts in research, innovation, and building a resilient supply chain for semiconductors.  

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