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India's New Semiconductor Plants Power Up CG Power, Tata Electronics, and the Nation

Published: 3.4.2024

The Indian government's recent approval to set up new semiconductor facilities is a shot in the arm for domestic companies like CG Power and Tata Electronics. This development promises a win-win situation, not only for these individual companies, but also for the Indian economy. 


For CG Power, the new Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) unit represents a substantial opportunity. Estimates suggest this unit could contribute a significant 300 crore rupees to their topline, driven by its high production capacity.  


Meanwhile, Tata Electronics takes a bold step forward with their partnership with Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (PSMC) establishing India's first chip foundry, marking a historic moment for the nationsolidifying the nation’s position as a key player in the domestic tech. 


With countries reshoring their chip manufacturing, like the US, India is taking this initiative to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign chip imports and strengthen domestic productions and supply chain to fosterd growth in key areas like Digital India where readily available semiconductors are essential for the succes of various technological projects. 


Estimates suggest the creation of thousands of high-tech jobs directly, with the potential for even more indirect jobs being generated in related industries. This influx of skilled professionals will contribute to India's growing pool of talent and expertise in the field of semiconductor technology. 


As India establishes itself as a viable option for chip manufacturing, it becomes increasingly attractive for global companies looking to diversify their production bases. This influx of investment will further propel the growth of the domestic tech industry, creating a ripple effect of positive economic and technological development. 


India’s government approval to set up new semiconductor facilities marks a pivotal moment for the nation, empowering companies like CG Power and Tata Electronics, while simultaneously fostering self-reliance, job creation, and attracting further investment.  

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