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Indian EMS Companies Navigate Entry into OSAT Segment

Syrma SGS, led by Jasbir Gujral and Satendra Singh, is strategically assessing the potential benefits and challenges of entering OSAT. The decision-making process revolves around aligning with the overall business objectives of the company. They emphasized, "It's about what makes sense from a business perspective, given the ongoing activities in this space." 

This shift reflects changes in India's electronics manufacturing landscape. With rising demand for semiconductors and increased electronic component complexity, companies are diversifying to tap into OSAT's growth potential, crucial in semiconductor packaging and testing. 

While entering OSAT brings challenges like technological complexities and a competitive market, the potential rewards are substantial. Syrma SGS, like others, is strategically evaluating these factors to make informed decisions that align with its capabilities and market positioning. 

Indian EMS companies venturing into the OSAT segment demonstrate a strategic response to the evolving electronics industry. As firms like Syrma SGS navigate complexities, their entry into OSAT could significantly contribute to the growth and innovation in the Indian semiconductor ecosystem. Watch for further developments as these companies seize opportunities in the expanding OSAT market. 

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