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Intel Invests $4.6 Billion in New Semiconductor Facility in Poland, Boosting European Chip Production

Published: 6.23.2023

Intel has announced its plan to invest up to $4.6 billion in a new semiconductor assembly and test facility near Wroclaw, Poland, as part of its extensive investment drive across Europe to enhance chip capacity. 


Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, stated that Poland was chosen for this facility due to its robust infrastructure, availability of talented individuals, and strategic location. He also acknowledged the Polish government's strong support for the project.


Intel's investment in Poland holds significant implications for the European semiconductor industry. The new facility will enhance Europe's chip production capacity and decrease its dependence on imports. 


Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland, expressed his satisfaction with Intel's selection of Poland for the semiconductor plant, considering it a vote of confidence in the country's economy and workforce. 


This investment aligns with Intel's broader objective of bolstering chip production capacity in Europe. The company has already unveiled plans to establish a new chip factory in Germany and expand its existing facilities in Ireland and France. 


The global chip shortage has emphasized the significance of having a robust domestic chip manufacturing base. Intel's investment in Poland demonstrates the company's commitment to boosting chip production in Europe and reducing the continent's reliance on imports.


Intel's investment underscores the company's commitment to expanding chip production in Europe. The global chip shortage has underscored the importance of having a robust domestic chip manufacturing base and a step forward for the European semiconductor industry.