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Intel's Legacy in Malaysia: From A1 Plant to Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Hub

Published: 10.26.2023

Over the years, Intel Malaysia underwent a significant transformation. While the A1 plant was originally an assembly facility, Intel Malaysia now plays a vital role in Intel's global manufacturing network. 

The journey of Intel's semiconductor wafers involves multiple stages, including die preparation and die sorting, with state-of-the-art machinery using little blue robots to facilitate the process. 

These wafers eventually make their way to Intel's Penang Assembly and Test facility for further processing, including the assembly of the teal-colored PCBs seen in desktop processors. 

In 2021, Intel announced a substantial RM30 billion investment in its Malaysia site, known as the Pelican Project. This advanced packaging facility is set to become a production hub for Meteor Lake mobile processors. Additionally, the Falcon assembly and test site is under construction at the Kulim campus. These investments are part of Intel's ambitious goal to achieve five nodes in four years. 

A striking aspect of Intel Malaysia is the dedication of its workforce. Intel's Malaysia site also boasts a diverse workforce, with 40% of its 15,000 employees being women. The company emphasizes its commitment to the local community through initiatives like the Intel Geek Kids program, which conducts science workshops for underserved primary school children. 

Their engagement with local suppliers and community support programs underscores their commitment to the region's growth. Malaysia remains a vital part of Intel's global operations, and the company's ongoing investments and dedication to the local community underscore its commitment to the region's technological advancement.

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