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JSR-ASMI Deal to Bolster Chipmaking in Japan

Published: 7.18.2023

Japan's JSR Corporation has agreed to purchase a majority stake in ASMI Holding, a Dutch photoresist manufacturer, for a substantial $6.3 billion. The strategic acquisition is aimed at bolstering the chip supply chain and securing a unique and differentiated position for JSR in the global chip market.

JSR, a leading supplier of photoresists and other semiconductor manufacturing materials, recognizes the significant potential of the global photoresist market, which is projected to reach $10.5 billion by 2025, as forecasted by market research firm Yole Développement.

ASMI's core strength lies in its lithography systems, which are crucial for exposing photoresists onto silicon wafers, enabling the production of a wide array of chips, including those utilized in smartphones, computers, and automobiles. Through this acquisition, JSR aims to establish a strong presence in the lithography market, vital for manufacturing advanced chips, while also gaining access to ASMI's cutting-edge technology and customer base.

According to JSR's CEO, Masanori Ito, this strategic move will propel them into a leadership position in the photoresist and lithography materials and systems markets, allowing them to cater to a broader range of customer demands and better address the growing semiconductor market requirements.

The JSR-ASMI deal represents a crucial development in the semiconductor industry, with JSR poised to meet escalating chip demands and secure its supply chain. Moreover, it signifies an ongoing trend of consolidation within the semiconductor sector as companies seek to scale up and tap into new technologies.

Expect this acquisition to trigger a ripple effect in the semiconductor industry, potentially motivating other chipmakers to pursue similar strategies to safeguard their supply chains. This could lead to further consolidation in the industry, reflecting the industry's increasing significance and the challenges it faces within the global economy.


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