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LCD TV Panel Prices on the Rise

Published: 2.26.2024

The latest market report indicates a notable trend in the LCD TV panel industry, with prices showing a steady increase in recent months. According to data from CINNO Research, the supply of LCD TV panels remains tight globally, prompting major manufacturers to take measures to control production. This has led to a slight decrease in production efficiency, particularly in February, with production rates dropping below 60%.

On the demand side, upcoming major sports events scheduled for 2024, including the Olympics and various regional championships, have generated significant market stimulation. As a result, leading brands are ramping up their stocking efforts in anticipation of heightened demand during the first quarter of the year.

Price projections for March indicate a marginal increase in prices for LCD TV panels ranging from 32" to 85". While most sizes are expected to see a $1 price hike, the 85" panels are anticipated to remain unchanged following a trend of stable price increases since January, breaking the downward trend observed in the last quarter of the previous year.

Key factors influencing the price hikes include supply chain disruptions caused by events like the recent earthquake in Japan, which have accelerated price negotiation processes. Additionally, shortages of critical materials such as COP film for polarizing plates have contributed to the upward pressure on prices.

Despite the price increases, the overall industry is benefitting, with the entire supply chain experiencing gains. The global TV shipment volume for 2023 witnessed a decline of 2.7% compared to the previous year, reaching its lowest point in a decade. However, forecasts are suggesting a potential rebound in shipment volumes if a slight increase of 0.3% is sustained throughout the year.

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