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LEDtronics Paddle Style Retrofit LED Lamps

LEDtronics ‘Paddle Style’ Retrofit LED Lamps Offer a Cost and Energy-efficient Lighting Solution for Existing Fixtures!

LEDtronics ‘Paddle Style’ Retrofit LED Lamp.LEDtronics announced a brand new series of ‘Paddle Style’ Retrofit LED Lamps! These DLC-listed units can be directly retrofitted into existing area lighting fixtures. With a simple screw-in and ballast bypass, these lamps make switching to LED easier and more affordable than ever!

LEDtronics understands that sometimes customers want to maintain their existing light fixtures. It could be to preserve a historical look or follow certain architectural guidelines. Our versatile LEDRA series Retrofit LED Lamps allows the customer to keep their current lighting fixture! It can be directly retrofitted into existing large outdoor area light fixtures, such as ‘cobrahead’ street lights, shoebox luminaires, canopies, wall packs, flood lights, garage lights, and more.

Features include the following:

    • DLC-Listed, UL-Recognized.
    • Unconditional 5-year U.S. factory warranty.
    • E39 Mogul or E26 Edison/Medium rotating base.
    • Type III oval-beam light pattern.
    • Consumption of only 26 to 113 watts.

For more information on how to incorporate these compact, energy-saving LED appliance bulbs into your lighting plans, contact LEDtronics by

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