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Malaysia Inaugurates First Waste-to-Energy Plant to Propel Renewable Energy Drive

Published: 9.22.2023

Malaysia achieved a pivotal sustainable energy milestone with its first waste-to-energy plant at Bukit Tagar EnviroParks, led by Berjaya EnviroParks and inaugurated by Minister Nga Kor Ming. 

Integrated into the national grid, the plant can generate 12 MW, powering 4,000 homes. Berjaya EnviroParks invested RM310 million for the premier sanitary landfill and RM72 million for the energy plant, aligning with Malaysia's goal to be a renewable energy leader by 2035. This transformative step underscores the nation's dedication to collaborative efforts and waste reduction, targeting a 40% renewable energy share by 2035. 

Food waste utilization also holds promise for both waste management and food security. Minister Nga Kor Ming emphasizes the need for a collective shift to a sustainable lifestyle, emphasizing environmental responsibility for future generations. 

The project has attracted international interest, particularly from China, illustrating Malaysia's commitment to a sustainable, eco-conscious future. Bukit Tagar EnviroParks, evolving since 2004, epitomizes Malaysia's forward-looking approach to waste management and renewable energy, shaping a greener nation.

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