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Malaysia on Track to Achieve 80% 5G Network Coverage by Year-End

Published: 8.24.2023

In a significant step towards advancing its technological capabilities, Malaysia is poised to achieve a remarkable goal – reaching an extensive 80% coverage of 5G networks in densely populated regions by the end of this year. This significant progression holds wide-ranging implications, closely aligning with Malaysia's vision of propelling its digital economy and leveraging technology to stimulate growth.

Projections predict that the digital economy could contribute more than a quarter, specifically 25%, to Malaysia's GDP by the year 2025. This development is set to usher in substantial employment opportunities and pave the way for a broader, expansive market landscape. To reinforce this ambitious goal, the Ministry of Communications and Digital Initiatives is diligently dedicated to bridging the digital divide, providing accessible high-speed internet, and enhancing digital literacy skills nationwide.

Playing a central role in Malaysia's technological evolution, Nokia emerges as a prominent player, boasting an encompassing portfolio spanning network infrastructure, mobile networks, cloud and network services, and advanced Nokia technologies. With a widespread presence across diverse global markets, Nokia's contribution to Malaysia's initiatives for 5G deployment is positioned to be of importance.

The unwavering commitment of the company towards steering Malaysia's digital transformation is apparent through its active engagement in initiatives like "Amplify Malaysia." Here, Nokia showcases its strategic technological prowess, empowering businesses and communication service providers, thereby forging a robust trajectory for the nation's digital future.

As the digital landscape continues its dynamic evolution, Malaysia's decisive strides toward comprehensive 5G coverage serve as a testament to the nation's resolute dedication to harnessing technology's boundless potential for both economic growth and societal advancement.

Beyond its impact on economic prosperity, this collective endeavor holds the promise of cultivating a populace equipped with technological proficiency, thereby accelerating digital capacities for individuals and enterprises alike. As Malaysia embarks on this transformative journey, it remains crucial to acknowledge potential obstacles and challenges that may arise during the deployment of extensive 5G networks.

While acknowledging Nokia's pivotal role in this trajectory, it is equally essential to acknowledge the collaborative efforts of various corporations and entities working collaboratively to propel Malaysia's 5G deployment. This multifaceted cooperation underscores a shared commitment to advancing the technological landscape of the nation.

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