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Meizu Goes All-In on AI Ushering a New Era for Tomorrow's Devices

Published: 2.20.2024

Meizu Technology, a Chinese technology company known for its contributions to the MP3 and smartphone industries, has announced to cease production of new traditional "smartphone" projects and focus entirely on AI technology, aiming to lead in "tomorrow's devices" AI For New Generations. 


Whether judging from its own performance in the smartphone market in recent years or the current development decline of the entire smartphone industry, finding a new direction is an inevitable way out. AI is considered to be the direction that can bring about the most change. 


In fact, many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are currently embracing AI, including Honor, OPPO, Vivo, etc.  


Recently, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong wrote in an internal letter: "2024 is the first year of AI mobile phones. In the next five years, the impact of AI on the mobile phone industry will be comparable to that of when smartphones replaced feature phones. AI Mobile phones will become the third stage of the mobile phone industry after feature phones and smartphones. OPPO is fully prepared and has established a dedicated AI center to concentrate resources on AI." 


The way the above-mentioned mobile phone manufacturers embrace AI is to combine mobile phones with AI, while Meizu can be said to have completely transformed. 

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