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NHTSA Recalls Cruise Autonomous Vehicles and Tesla Models

Published: 11.9.2023

In two recent instances of product recalls, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued recalls for Cruise autonomous vehicles and specific Tesla models.

The Cruise recall pertains to all 950 of the company's autonomous vehicles. The problem involves the Collision Detection Subsystem, which, in certain collision scenarios, may cause the vehicle to attempt to move to the side of the road instead of remaining stationary. This behavior could potentially pose risks to other vehicles and pedestrians.

As for the Tesla recall, it impacted 159 Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured between 2021 and 2023. The issue centers around the driver's airbag, which may deploy incorrectly during a collision, thereby elevating the risk of driver injury.

Cruise is addressing the matter by releasing a software update to rectify the situation, while Tesla is actively contacting affected vehicle owners to schedule service appointments for airbag inspection and replacement, if necessary.

Both of these recalls serve as a reminder that even the most sophisticated automotive technologies are not devoid of potential risks. It is crucial for vehicle owners to remain vigilant about potential issues with their vehicles and take appropriate measures to mitigate any associated risks.

The recall of Cruise autonomous vehicles constitutes a setback for the self-driving car industry, emphasizing that even the most advanced self-driving technology is not infallible and still carries inherent risks.

Furthermore, it is likely that these recalls will lead to heightened scrutiny of self-driving car companies by regulatory bodies. Notably, the NHTSA has initiated an investigation into Cruise's autonomous vehicle technology.

Similarly, the Tesla vehicle recall serves as a reminder that traditional car companies are not immune to recall situations. Tesla has a history of recalls, including one involving Model S and Model X vehicles in 2022, related to a suspension issue.

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