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NVIDIA's Strategy in the Ever-Evolving AI Server

Published: 3.13.2024

North America's top cloud service providers (CSPs) are emerging as the key players in shaping trends and influencing market dynamics in AI server market 

According to projections by TrendForce, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Meta collectively are expected to command over 60% of global demand by 2024, with a preference for servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs. 

However, despite NVIDIA’s dominant position in the data center sector, faces challenges that could impact its future growth trajectory. Among these are the US ban on technological exports, which has spurred China's push towards self-reliance in AI chip development, with companies like Huawei posing significant competition.  

Additionally, the trend towards proprietary ASIC development among US cloud giants presents further hurdles for NVIDIA, as does the competitive pressure from AMD, which offers cost-effective alternatives to NVIDIA's GPU solutions. 

In response to these challenges, NVIDIA is strategically diversifying its product portfolio and evolving its offeringincluding a shift towards more advanced and costly series like the H100, complemented by the introduction of the H200 series with superior specifications. 

NVIDIA aims to balance cost and performance by implementing aggressive pricing strategies and targeting expansion into industries beyond cloud services, such as telecommunications, automotive, and gaming. 

NVIDIA is proactively addressing the GPU supply shortage by increasing production capacities, aiming to cut delivery times in half by the second quarter of 2024. This expansion is crucial in alleviating supply chain bottlenecks and ensuring the availability of AI servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs. 

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