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OLED Monitor Market Sees Explosive Growth in Early 2024

Published: 6.13.2024

OLED monitor market is experiencing remarkable growth in 2024, building on the strong momentum from the previous year. In the first quarter of 2024, OLED monitor shipments reached approximately 200,000 units, marking a significant 121% year-over-year increase. This robust start is projected to drive annual shipments to an impressive 1.34 million units by the end of the year, representing a 161% growth rate.

Market Driver for OLED Monitor

The surge in OLED monitor shipments can be attributed to several key factors. Technological advancements and increased consumer demand have played a pivotal role. OLED technology offers superior contrast ratios, faster response times, and better color accuracy compared to traditional LCDs, making it highly desirable among gamers and professionals seeking high performance and visual quality. Furthermore, the growing demand for flexible and foldable OLED displays in various applications, including AR and VR devices, is propelling this trend.

Major brands are investing heavily in new product launches and aggressive promotions, which has significantly boosted market growth. Samsung, leading the market with a 36% share, has introduced popular 49-inch models and plans to release 27-inch and 31.5-inch models in Q2 2024. Dell and LG Electronics have also expanded their OLED product lines, contributing to their 21% and 19% market shares, respectively. ASUS and MSI have also increased their market presence with new OLED models.

Advances in manufacturing processes, such as inkjet printing and vapor deposition, have reduced production costs and improved yields, making OLED technology more accessible and competitively priced. This cost reduction is narrowing the price gap between LCD and OLED monitors, making OLED a more attractive option for consumers.

The market is further benefiting from a broader economic recovery and increased consumer spending on electronics. Events like the 2023 Asian Games, which featured OLED monitors in esports, have raised their profile and driven higher demand. Additionally, the recovery of the global economy, with strong GDP growth in key regions, has positively impacted the market.

The outlook for the OLED monitor market in 2024 is highly positive. As brands continue to innovate and introduce new models, the demand for OLED monitors is expected to remain strong. The market's growth is further supported by the expansion of OLED technology into other segments, such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs. The increased adoption of OLED displays in these areas underscores the technology's versatility and appeal across various applications

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