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OPPO and Nokia Sign 5G Patent Cross-licensing Agreement

Published: 1.29.2024

OPPO and Nokia recently announced a global patent cross-licensing agreement covering both parties’ standard essential patents in 5G and other cellular communication technologies. The signing of this agreement marks the end of all pending litigation between the parties in all jurisdictions, bringing an end to a two-year and seven-month global litigation dispute. 


In the past three years, with the rapid commercialization of 5G technology, the attitude of major communication giants towards patent fees has become increasingly clear. However, regarding the specific amount of 5G patent fees, the industry has not yet formed a unified standard.  


The dispute between OPPO and Nokia stems from the failure to reach an agreement in the negotiation of a new 5G patent license agreement after the patent authorization of both parties expired in 2021. After multiple rounds of litigation, a global judgment on 5G patent fees will appear at the end of 2023. 


The culmination of this cross-licensing agreement marks a mutually advantageous outcome for both parties involved. OPPO secures vital patent rights, ensuring the seamless global promotion of its 5G products and services. Simultaneously, Nokia fortifies its technological standing in the communications industry, guaranteeing equitable returns and sustaining its leadership position through this strategic accord. 


The execution of this agreement holds profound significance for the entire communications industry. It underscores the idea that when major companies encounter patent disputes, amicable resolution through equitable negotiations and consultations is a viable and preferable alternative to pursuing litigation and confrontation blindly. This approach plays a pivotal role in fostering the industry's healthy development, encouraging technological innovation, and facilitating the expansion of the global market. 

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