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Philippines E-boat SESSY: A Sustainable Solution for Eco-Friendly Travel

Published: 4.15.2024

The Philippines has embarked on a journey toward sustainable water transport with the launch of SESSY, a revolutionary e-boat aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly travel. 

SESSY, short for Sustainable Electric Sea Shuttle Yacht, was unveiled in a collaborative effort between the government and private sector to address the country's environmental challenges and enhance its maritime industry. The e-boat is poised to transform the way people travel on water, offering a clean and green alternative to traditional gasoline-powered boats. 

Powered by an advanced electric propulsion system, SESSY boasts zero carbon emissions, significantly reducing its environmental impact compared to conventional boats. This innovative technology not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also promotes energy efficiency and sustainability in the maritime sector. 

Enrico Paringit, Director of the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DoST-PCIEERD), praised the boat's efficiency, particularly given its size and design. He emphasized its quiet motor and minimal environmental impact when powered by solar energy. 

Paringit noted that the SESSY e-boat can accommodate 10 passengers and two crew members, with seats that can be reconfigured for specific purposes such as diving or snorkeling. He mentioned the scarcity of e-boats in the country and highlighted SESSY's design catering to local maritime needs, especially for tourism. The Maritime Industry Authority has reviewed the SESSY e-boat for safety standards. 

DoST-PCIEERD is currently seeking potential technology adopters for the SESSY e-boat. While the prototype is complete, minor details like aesthetics are being refined. Researchers from Mapua University are prepared to replicate SESSY and are working towards its commercialization. 

Upgrades for SESSY will be designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind, featuring modern amenities and state-of-the-art navigation systems. With its sleek and futuristic design, SESSY promises passengers a luxurious and eco-conscious travel experience. 

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