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Sales of Electric Heavy Trucks to Soar in China

Published: 6.23.2023

According to a recent report by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), the sales of electric heavy trucks in China are projected to experience a significant surge by 2025. 


The report predicts that sales figures will reach an impressive 190,000 units, accounting for approximately 16% of the total market. Looking ahead to 2030, the penetration rate of electric commercial trucks is expected to escalate reaching an estimated 35%. This anticipated growth is a remarkable leap from the 5% penetration, representing 25,000 units, recorded in 2022.


China's commitment to transitioning to cleaner and greener transportation solutions has been a driving force behind the rapid expansion of the electric vehicle (EV) market. With an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and combating pollution, the Chinese government has implemented various policies and initiatives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in both the private and commercial sectors.


The projected surge in electric heavy truck sales is poised to revolutionize the logistics and transportation industry in China. Electric commercial trucks offer several advantages over their traditional internal combustion engine counterparts. These include reduced operating costs, lower maintenance requirements, and, most importantly, zero tailpipe emissions. With these benefits in mind, fleet operators and logistics companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of electric heavy trucks to enhance their operations while contributing to environmental sustainability.


The CATARC report highlights the increasing confidence in the reliability and performance of electric commercial trucks, which has been a key factor in driving their adoption. 


The projected penetration rate of 16% by 2025 and 35% by 2030 indicates a rapid transition towards electric commercial vehicles in China. With the anticipated surge in demand, manufacturers are expected to ramp up production capacities and invest in research and development to meet the growing needs of the market.


The Chinese government's support for the development of the electric vehicle industry, including the provision of subsidies and incentives, has been instrumental in driving the adoption of electric commercial trucks. 


Additionally, the establishment of charging infrastructure networks and the integration of smart grid technologies have further bolstered the growth of the sector. These initiatives have helped alleviate range anxiety and improve the overall charging experience, reinforcing the feasibility of electric commercial vehicles for businesses operating across various sectors.


As the commercial EV market in China continues to mature, the shift towards electrification is expected to have far-reaching effects. Beyond reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, the adoption of electric heavy trucks will contribute to the overall sustainability of the transportation sector. It will also foster innovation and drive the development of new technologies, such as autonomous driving and connectivity solutions, to enhance the efficiency and safety of commercial vehicles.

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