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Security Concerns Grow as Chiplets Become More Common

Published: 10.10.2023

As more chiplets or die are added to a single package, the potential for security breaches increases. This is because there are more weak points that can be exploited by attackers. In the past, it was more difficult and less lucrative to carry out successful attacks on this type of hardware. However, with the increasing complexity of these systems, the rewards for successful attacks are now much higher.

Chiplets are small semiconductor dies that are packaged together to form a single chip. They are becoming increasingly common in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence applications, as they allow for more complex and powerful chips to be manufactured. However, the increased complexity of the chips also makes them more vulnerable to attack.

Attackers could exploit vulnerabilities in the chiplet interconnect to gain access to data or take control of the chip. Or, they could insert a malicious chiplet into a legitimate chip during manufacturing or deployment.

As chiplet-based chips become more popular, attackers are increasingly targeting them. Data is more valuable than ever, and a successful attack on a chip could steal sensitive information or even disrupt critical infrastructure.

In response, the semiconductor industry is developing new security technologies to address the challenges posed by chiplet-based chips. For example, companies are developing more resistant chiplet-to-chiplet interconnect technologies and new ways to authenticate and detect malicious chiplets.

However, it is important to note that these security technologies are still in their early stages of development. It will take time for them to be widely adopted, and even then, they will not eliminate the risk of attack entirely.

In the meantime, organizations that are using chiplet-based chips should take steps to mitigate the security risks. This includes using trusted suppliers, implementing security controls in the manufacturing and deployment process, and monitoring systems for signs of attack.

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