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Semiconductor Industry Leaders Call for Increased Cybersecurity

Published: 7.18.2023

The San Francisco-held Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2023 and Semicon West recently concluded, bringing together top minds from the semiconductor industry to explore the latest trends and challenges.

Among the key focuses of both conferences was the paramount issue of cybersecurity. As the complexity and interconnectivity of automotive electronics and autonomous vehicles grow, so does the risk of cyberattacks. CISOs representing major players such as Intel, TSMC, ASML, Applied Materials, and Lam Research emphasized the importance of collective efforts in sharing information and devising cybersecurity protocols as a unified community.

Intel's CISO Chris Young emphasized the criticality of the semiconductor industry as an infrastructure and stressed the need to address cybersecurity seriously. He advocated for collaborative information sharing, the implementation of best practices, and the creation of novel security solutions to safeguard products and customers.

Another significant topic was the increasing demand for AI/ML to handle vast amounts of data at a higher speed. The advent of sophisticated autonomous vehicles necessitates real-time data processing, where AI/ML plays a pivotal role. However, this reliance on AI/ML also poses new cybersecurity challenges.

TSMC's CISO Jason Chen pointed out that while AI/ML is a potent tool, it can also serve as a potential vulnerability. Caution is warranted in integrating AI/ML into products, and robust security measures must be put in place to ensure the safety of systems.

Undoubtedly, the semiconductor industry confronts multiple challenges, with cybersecurity emerging as a particularly crucial aspect. Through collective cooperation and joint efforts, the industry can develop and implement the necessary solutions to safeguard products and customers effectively.

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