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Shell's CEO: Oil and Gas Will Still Play a Role in the Energy Mix

Published: 6.16.2023

Shell is currently undergoing a strategic shift in its business operations, placing a greater emphasis on increasing oil output in the coming years. A report by Reuters highlights that the company has made the decision to revise its previous target of reducing oil output by 1% to 2% annually.

This move is aimed at restoring investor confidence, particularly due to underwhelming returns in the renewables sector and a stock performance that lags other major competitors who have not made such significant transitions to renewable energy sources.

The move comes as Shell's stock has consistently underperformed compared to its industry rivals in recent years, prompting some investors to advocate for a complete divestment from its oil and gas assets.

Shell's CEO, Wael Sawan, acknowledged the company's commitment to the energy transition while emphasizing the need for profitability. Recognizing that oil and gas will continue to play a significant role in the global energy mix for the foreseeable future, Sawan stated that Shell will continue investing in these businesses.

The company's stance, as articulated by Sawan, indicates that Shell is not ready to sever ties with its oil and gas business entirely. However, the company acknowledges the imperative of transitioning toward renewable energy to address the challenges of reducing emissions and mitigate the risks associated with climate change.

In recent months, Shell has made the strategic decision to cancel several projects, specifically in the areas of offshore wind, hydrogen, and biofuels. This choice was influenced by projections indicating weak financial returns associated with these ventures. Shell is divesting from its European power retail businesses, which were previously regarded as pivotal to driving the energy transition.

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