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Siemens to Invest €2B in Expanding Manufacturing Capacity for Factory Automation Equipment in Singapore and Chengdu

Published: 6.20.2023

Siemens, a global leader in technology and industrial automation, has unveiled its plan to invest €2 billion in expanding its manufacturing capacity for factory automation equipment. The investment will be allocated to two key locations: Singapore and Chengdu, China.

Siemens' decision to invest in these two regions highlights its strategic focus on the Asia-Pacific market and the increasing demand for advanced automation solutions.

In Singapore, Siemens aims to leverage the country's well-established infrastructure and business-friendly environment. The investment will enable Siemens to enhance its manufacturing capabilities, optimize production processes, and introduce cutting-edge technologies. By expanding its operations in Singapore, Siemens seeks to meet the growing demand for factory automation equipment in the region while tailoring solutions to the specific needs of its customers.

Chengdu, China is renowned for its robust manufacturing ecosystem and skilled workforce. Siemens aims to capitalize on these advantages to strengthen its presence in China and cater to the rising domestic and regional markets. 

The investment in Chengdu will establish state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced automation technologies. These facilities will act as centers of excellence, producing high-quality factory automation equipment to meet the increasing demand in China.

Siemens' investment aligns with the global trend of digital transformation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 principles. By expanding its manufacturing capacity, Siemens aims to support the digitalization efforts of industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Factory automation plays a crucial role in optimizing industrial processes, increasing productivity, and enabling seamless connectivity across the manufacturing value chain.

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