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Tata Group Charges Ahead: Semiconductor Fab & 20 GWh Battery Plant to Power Indian EV Hub in Gujarat

Published: 2.14.2024

India's Tata Group is set to construct a semiconductor fabrication plant and a 20 GWh battery plant in Gujarat. 

According to reports from Bloomberg, Tata Group's semiconductor fabrication plant is slated to commence construction this year and is set to enhance the group's semiconductor capabilities. 

In addition to the semiconductor plant, Tata Group is also gearing up to start the construction of a 20 GWh battery plant in Gujarat to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India. 

The establishment of an EV technology hub in Sanand, Gujarat, further highlights Tata Group's vision to serve as a focal point for research, development, and innovation in EV technology, positioning Tata Group at the forefront of India's electric vehicle revolution. 

Tata Group's foray into semiconductor and battery manufacturing aligns with India's broader goals of boosting domestic manufacturing and reducing dependence on imports, especially in strategic sectors like electronics and electric vehicles. 

As the country pushes for greater adoption of electric vehicles, Tata Group's investments in Gujarat are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility in India. 

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