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Tesla Increases Discounts on Select Models in U.S. Inventory

Published: 6.8.2023

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently ramped up its discount offerings on certain models in its U.S. inventory. The company has doubled the discounts on some pre-made new Model 3 electric cars and reintroduced discounts on the Model Y and other vehicles in its inventory. These discounts aim to incentivize customers and clear out existing inventory. 


On Tesla's website, a specific Model 3 variant available in inventory was priced at $42,060, reflecting a discount of $2,680 compared to the price of newly ordered cars. This represents a significant increase from the $1,300 discount offered less than two weeks prior. Additionally, Tesla has resumed discounts on certain Model Y vehicles, with savings of nearly $600 per vehicle. 


For higher-priced models, Tesla is offering even steeper discounts. Some Model X vehicles have been discounted by $6,330, while certain Model S vehicles are being sold with a discount of $5,000. These increased discounts on premium models provide potential buyers with compelling savings opportunities. 


By increasing discounts on select models, Tesla aims to boost sales and clear its inventory, which is a common practice in the automotive industry. These discounts may be particularly attractive to price-sensitive consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle. Additionally, clearing out inventory allows Tesla to make way for newer models or updated versions with enhanced features and technologies. 


It is worth noting that Tesla's discount strategy may also be influenced by external factors, such as changes in market demand or the introduction of new competing models. The company consistently adapts its pricing and sales tactics to remain competitive in the dynamic electric vehicle market. 


As Tesla continues to expand its product portfolio and reach, it remains committed to providing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. By offering discounts on certain models, Tesla aims to make its electric vehicles more accessible to a wider range of consumers, driving the adoption of sustainable mobility and contributing to a greener future. 


Potential buyers interested in taking advantage of these discounts are encouraged to visit Tesla's website or contact their nearest Tesla dealership to inquire about availability and specific pricing details. As always, it is recommended to carefully consider individual needs, budget, and preferences when making a purchasing decision. 

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