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US New Vehicle Affordability Shows Signs of Improvement in May, Reports Cox Automotive

Published: 6.23.2023

Cox Automotive has reported a slight improvement in the affordability of new vehicles in the United States during the month of May. The number of weeks of income needed to purchase an average new vehicle decreased from 43.0 weeks in April to 42.9 weeks, after reaching a peak of 45 weeks in February. 

The improved affordability index suggests that American consumers are gradually finding it easier to afford new vehicles. 

The recovering economy, which has allowed individuals to regain their purchasing power. As the job market stabilizes and consumer confidence grows, people are more willing to make significant investments such as buying a new vehicle and low interest rates have played a crucial role in facilitating affordability. 

With interest rates remaining relatively steady, consumers can secure auto loans with favorable terms, reducing the financial strain associated with higher borrowing costs. This stability in interest rates has helped offset any potential increase in vehicle prices, leading to a more balanced and accessible market for buyers.

Another contributing factor to improved affordability is the continuous advancements in technology and innovation within the automotive industry. 

With each passing year, manufacturers are introducing new models equipped with innovative features that cater to various budgets. This increased competition forces automakers to offer more value for money, thereby benefiting consumers.

While the overall improvement in new-vehicle affordability is encouraging, it is important to note that challenges may persist for some potential buyers, especially those with lower incomes. Continual efforts by automakers, policymakers, and financial institutions to ensure accessibility and affordability for a wider range of consumers will be crucial in creating a more inclusive and sustainable automotive market.

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