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US Technology Giants Dell and Global Foundries Plan to Invest and Expand in India

Published: 10.1.2023

Two US-based technology giants, Global Foundries and Dell, have set their sights on India to establish their presence and investments in the country's tech sector. With an emphasis on research and development (R&D) and a comprehensive business strategy, these companies are poised to contribute significantly to India's tech-driven future.

Dell is considering investing in its research and development (R&D) center located in Bengaluru. The Karnataka government's announcement on September 30th revealed the company's ambitious plans for expansion and Dell's decision to strengthen its presence in India highlights the country's growing importance as a hub for technological innovation and development.

Dell has reached out to the Karnataka government seeking support to address import restrictions on Special Economic Zone (SEZ) operations. By doing so, Dell aims to enhance cost sustainability for its operations within the country and solidifying its commitment to fostering technological innovation.

Global Foundries (GF), a leading semiconductor manufacturing company with a valuation of $30 billion, is also eager to strengthen its presence in India and is exploring opportunities in the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) sector in Karnataka.

Global Foundries met with the Karnataka business delegation that is currently visiting various states in the United States of America to attract investments into the state. Minister M.B. Patil assured to extend the government's support in this regard and will also help Global Foundries to establish connections with customers and suppliers.

Both companies plan to develop a comprehensive business strategy for their operations in India. This expansion aligns with India's growing importance as a strategic player in the global A&D industry.

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