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Volvo Trucks Announces Development of Hydrogen-Powered Combustion Engine Trucks

Published: 6.6.2024

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, Volvo Trucks has announced the development of hydrogen-powered trucks utilizing combustion engines aiming to offer a versatile and practical solution for reducing carbon emissions in the trucking industry.

Innovative Technology and Key Features

The hydrogen-powered trucks will employ High-Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology, which injects a small amount of ignition fuel under high pressure to enable compression ignition before hydrogen is added. This method enhances energy efficiency and engine power while maintaining low fuel consumption.

The trucks are expected to begin on-road testing in 2026, with a commercial launch planned towards the end of the decade.

Volvo’s hydrogen combustion engine trucks will complement the company’s existing lineup of battery electric trucks, fuel cell electric trucks, and trucks running on renewable fuels such as biogas and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). This diverse range of options allows customers to choose the best solution based on their specific transport needs, available infrastructure, and green energy prices.

Strategic Partnerships and Environmental Impact

Volvo Group has partnered with Westport Fuel Systems to establish a joint venture focused on utilizing HPDI technology for these hydrogen engines. This partnership underscores Volvo’s commitment to advancing hydrogen combustion engine technology as a viable alternative for reducing carbon emissions in heavy transport

Hydrogen-powered combustion engine trucks are particularly suitable for long-distance transportation and regions with limited electric charging infrastructure. These trucks will have operational ranges comparable to diesel trucks and are categorized as “Zero Emission Vehicles” (ZEV) under the new EU CO2 emission standards. By using green hydrogen, these trucks can achieve potentially net zero CO2 emissions from well-to-wheel, significantly contributing to Volvo’s goal of achieving net zero emissions.

Future Outlook

As the heavy transport industry continues to seek sustainable solutions, Volvo’s hydrogen-powered combustion engine trucks represent a significant step forward. The combination of innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to environmental sustainability positions Volvo Trucks at the forefront of the transition to greener transport solutions.

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