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Where is Vietnam on the Semiconductor Chip Map?

Published: 6.4.2024

During a discussion on the book "Chip War" by Chris Miller, Intel Vietnam's director, Phung Viet Thang, highlighted the significant challenges facing Vietnam's semiconductor chip industry due to a lack of clear direction. The semiconductor industry presents vast potential for economic growth, but Vietnam must prepare adequately to avoid inefficiencies and capitalize on this opportunity. 

Producing semiconductor chips is a high-tech industry that requires substantial resources and expertiseAt the book launch event, Phung Viet Thang emphasized the complexity of chip manufacturing and the critical need for a well-coordinated approach. Le Minh Quoc, an expert in electronic chips for citizen identification cards, underscored the importance of self-producing chips to enhance national security and mitigate risks associated with importing chips. 

The semiconductor industry operates through a global production chain where different countries specialize in various stages. For instance, the United States and European countries lead in chip design, while East Asian nations dominate manufacturing. Thang noted that Vietnam must identify its unique strengths and determine how to contribute effectively to this global chain, potentially leveraging its abundant labor force to carve out a niche in the production process. 

Experts at the event stressed that advancements in semiconductor technology hinge on the development of foundational sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. These disciplines are crucial for high-tech industries but are currently undervalued in Vietnam. Promoting education and research in these areas is essential for fostering innovation and supporting the semiconductor sector. 


Despite the numerous challenges, Vietnam's semiconductor industry holds immense potential. By focusing on developing basic sciences, identifying strategic roles within the global production chain, and implementing supportive policies, Vietnam can position itself as a key player in the semiconductor market. The industry's success will depend on a comprehensive approach that leverages the country's strengths and fosters international collaboration. 

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