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Gecko and IBS Electronics Group Announce Global Distribution Agreement

Published: Monday, May 29, 2023


[May 2023]  IBS Electronics Group, a renowned global authorized distributor of electronic components, has entered into a strategic distribution agreement with Gecko Fastening Solutions, a leading manufacturer specializing in innovative fastening and fixing solutions. This exciting partnership aims to meet the escalating demands of customers seeking reliable and cutting-edge fastening solutions for their diverse project designs.


The collaboration between IBS Electronics Group and Gecko Fastening Solutions streamlines the procurement process for customers by offering a single source for electronic components. With this consolidated approach, customers can save valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. They can now focus on their core projects with enhanced efficiency.


Recognized as a leading distributor of electronic components, IBS Electronics Group has established a strong reputation for its vast inventory and prompt delivery. The inclusion of Gecko Fastening Solutions' comprehensive range of fasteners allows IBS Electronics to expand its product offerings, further solidifying its position as a one-stop-shop for customers worldwide.


Gecko Fastening Solutions can now tap into a vast global distribution network, significantly expanding their reach and enhancing availability. Regardless of location, customers can easily access and acquire Gecko's superior fastening solutions. This strategic partnership with IBS Electronics Group ensures that Gecko's innovative products are readily accessible worldwide, empowering customers to meet their fastening needs with ease and efficiency.


"This partnership between IBS Electronics Group and Gecko Fastening Solutions marks an exciting milestone for both companies," expressed Mark Avila, Assistant Product Manager at IBS Electronics Group. "By leveraging our combined strengths and expertise, we are excellently positioned to deliver an unparalleled range of fastening solutions to our valued customers. Our primary objective is to simplify the procurement process and provide innovative, reliable products that meet their unique project requirements."


With this strategic distribution agreement, IBS Electronics Group and Gecko Fastening Solutions embark on a journey to revolutionize the fastening solutions industry. By pooling their resources and knowledge, they are poised to provide customers with an exceptional experience that encompasses convenience, quality, and cutting-edge innovation.


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