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SeCoS Semiconductor GmbH

SeCoS is a global leader in supplying application specific Diodes and Transistor for the consumer and communication product markets. Founded on the principle of constant innovation and superior customer service, SeCoS Semiconductor has successfully built a diverse product portfolio that propels the company to become one of the fastest growing in the industry since its inception. Headquartered in Taiwan, SeCoS Semiconductor is a true global company with R&D, sales and operations activities


Schottky Rectifier
》 Low VF Schottky
General Rectifier
Fast Rectifier
Super Fast
》 Low Loss Super Fast
High Efficiency
Small Signal
》 Small Signal Schottky
》 Small Signal Switching
》 Small Signal PiN Diode
Bridge Rectifier
》 New Series Bridge Rectifier
Zener Diode
Transient Voltage Suppressor
》 ESD Protection
Small Signal Transistor
Medium Power Transistor
Digital Transistor

Liner Voltage Regulator
Adjustable Voltage Regulator
Liner LDO Regulator
Audio Amplifier
Operational Amplifier
Current Mode PWM Control IC
LED Driver