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Teka Interconnection Systems – Passive Components

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Teka Interconnection Systems is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company provides self soldering connectors. Teka’s unique technology eliminates unnecessary and costly secondary soldering process for PC104 and Plus bus and I/O connectors.

Teka Self Soldering connector technology economically attaches solder and flux to each contact lead. This enables the elimination of costly and defect prone soldering methods, such as hand, wave or selective soldering as well as providing an alternative, without the limitations, to intrusive reflow or ‘paste in hole’ processing. Processing is as simple as placing the connectors on the PCB and reflow oven soldering on the same primary or secondary side soldering as required for other SMT components, without adding any additional solder or solder paste.

Teka offers a broad range of PC104 and Plus stack and non-stack through bus connectors as well as headers, shrouded headers and friction lock headers in straight, right angle and RoHS compliant configurations.

Teka Interconnection Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interplex Industries. Founded over 35 years ago, Interplex Industries is a vertically integrated series of companies. Interplex capabilities include; high speed precision stamping, reel to reel plating, plastic injection molding, continuous strip insert molding, SMT assembly and connector manufacturing. These operations are carried out in their facilities located in California, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and the countries of China, India, Singapore, Germany, Scotland, Mexico and France.

Teka Interconnection Systems was founded over 30 years ago and is a vertically integrated company. Teka capabilities include; high speed precision stamping, plastic injection molding, and connector manufacturing.

Teka designs and manufactures application specific and industry standard interconnect devices. Working closely with Teka’s OEM partners, the Teka design team analyzes the specific design problems and develops the solutions necessary to produce the desired result. Utilizing the vast collective knowledge, Teka Interconnection Systems provide connector/interconnect products with problem solving capabilities unique to the connector industry.

in 2003 Teka acquired AWI Industries in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, a fully integrated company that designs, engineers and manufactures connectors and subsequently moved the product line and its manufacturing capabilities to the Warwick, Rhode Island facility. All products formerly produced by AWI are now contained in Teka catalog, using the same identification numbers that AWI customers are accustomed to. If you are experiencing any difficulty finding any of the AWI parts that you need please contact our professional sales department.

Products Offered

Surface Mount Connectors Solder Flux Bearing

  • PC Card
  • Compact Flash
  • FibreChannel (GBIC) Straddle Mount Plug
  • Edgemount Headers
  • Through Hole Connectors Solder Flux Bearing

    • HC Series Headers – .100″ spacing
    • HM Series Headers – 2.0mm spacing
    • PC 104 Receptacle Connectors
    • PC 104 Plus Receptacle Connectors
    • 2.0 mm Low Profile Receptacle Connectors 1-4 row
    • 2.0 mm Stacking Receptacle Connectors 1-4 row
    • FibreChannel (GBIC) Receptacle
    • SCA 2 Receptacles

    Standard Connectors

    • Cardedge Connectors
    • Din Connectors
    • Econo Din Connectors
    • PC 104 Plus Receptacle Connectors
    • .100 Box Receptacle, Through Hole and Surface Mount
    • PC Card and CompactFlash Single Sided SMT


    • Solder Flux Bearing Headers
    • Standard Headers