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Vox Power

Vox Power Ltd. was established in Dublin during April 2006 to address the growing demand for higher density power solutions, which are required to create smaller, lighter and more efficient products. Today’s system designers are under ever increasing pressure to reduce size and weight while expected to increase functionality and consequently power consumption.

Vox power have dedicated themselves to providing global industrial and medical markets with innovative, reliable modular configurable power supply products. These state-of-the-art conduction, convection or forced air cooled power supply products are combined with the very latest technology to produce the most compact 600W and 1200W modular units in the world.

Vox Power has developed unique technology to provide solutions to these demands. The manufacturer designs and delivers sophisticated switch mode power supplies while specializing in cutting-edge and miniature AC/DC power converters with the highest power densities on the market today.

Vox Power Ltd designs and manufactures innovative and unique modular and conduction-cooled AC/DC power solutions for the global medical and industrial market sectors. Applications include critical healthcare devices, automation equipment, laboratory diagnostic equipment, computer and communication equipment, control and measurement equipment. A distinct competitive advantage is offered through a commitment to market-leading design capability, miniaturized footprints, uncompromising quality, and expert customer technical support.