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Welwyn Resistors – Passive Components

Welwyn Resistors
Welwyn Electronics Components is one of the largest suppliers of electronic resistors worldwide, providing products to OEMs, major distributors and electronic manufacturing services. Welwyn Resistors provides leading edge technology and cost effective manufacturing services for resistive components and custom hybrid circuits for a broad range of applications in the automotive, industrial, avionics / defence, telecom, and medical markets.

in 1990, Welwyn Electronics was acquired by TT Electronics as part of the purchase of Crystalate.
tt electronics
TT electronics is a focused, global electronics group supplying products to leading manufacturers in the defence and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets. The TT electronics technology portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, supplying passive components (fixed and variable resistors, magnetics) and discrete semiconductors (optoelectronics, diodes, MOSFETs) from brands including BI Technologies, IRC, Optek, Semelab and Welwyn Components. TT electronics is continually investing in new product development, supported by world class application engineering teams committed to understanding and fulfilling customer needs with innovative technology solutions.