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DEGSON MSD 350 Series: Used for the Swift Disconnection of High-Voltage Circuit Connections


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

As energy storage systems evolve to meet growing demands for efficiency and sustainability, the complexity of maintenance procedures escalates in tandem. High-voltage circuits demand meticulous handling to mitigate potential hazards. Conventional methods of disconnecting high-voltage circuits in energy storage systems often involve complex procedures that can be time-consuming and risky. These methods may not provide the required level of safety and reliability during maintenance operations, leading to potential hazards and operational inefficiencies. 

How can Degson’s MSD Series Help? 

The MSD Series from Degson provides a manual maintenance switch designed specifically for use in energy storage systems, allowing for the rapid separation of high-voltage circuits, ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel, and preventing operational risks. By incorporating innovative features and a robust design, the MSD Series enhances safety and efficiency in energy storage systems. 

Features and Benefits: 

  1. Safety Design: The MSD Series includes a high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) interface, secondary unlocking function, and high-voltage, reducing the risk of accidents during maintenance operations. 

  1. High-performance Design: Degson’s MSD Series can withstand pressures of up to 4000V AC, making it suitable for use in high-voltage applications. It achieves an IP67 rating for mated connections, protecting against dust and water ingress. Additionally, the MSD Series has UL/TUV certifications, ensuring compliance with international safety standards. 

  1. Reliable Connection: The housing of the MSD Series is made up of nylon, while the contacts are composed of a copper alloy offering advantages such as reliable connections, cost-effectiveness, and a compact form factor, making it ideal for use in energy storage systems. 

  1. Easy Unlock: The unlocking device of the MSD Series is easily recognizable and user-friendly. It features a patented design that allows for initial unlocking by moving buttons left and right, suppressing conventional unlocking designs on the market. This design ensures that the switch can be operated quickly and efficiently during maintenance operations. 

Degson’s Manual Service Disconnect (MSD) Series offers a reliable and safe solution for rapid circuit separation in energy storage systems. With its innovative features, robust design, and ease of use, the MSD Series enhances safety and efficiency, ensuring the smooth operation of energy storage systems. 

Contact us to learn more about how Degson’s MSD Series can enhance safety and efficiency in your energy storage systems.


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