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Revolutionize E-Bike Charging with Diotec’s 200 V Schottky Diode


Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Spring is here, and with it comes the call of the outdoors. E-bikes have become a popular choice for many, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore these bustling cities. These bikes are now more than just a mode of transportation blending technology and design, featuring smart connectivity, efficient motors, and lightweight frames. 

High-end e-bikes come with advanced features like carbon frames, 800 Wh batteries, 52 V mid-drive motors, and gearless rear wheels for a smooth ride. For everyday use and mountain biking, crossover e-bikes offer 48-volt batteries with 750 Wh capacity. Meanwhile, all-round bikes with 400Wh 36V batteries are ideal for city rides and short trips. 

Diotec Semiconductor's SBCT30200 is a 2x 15 A, 200 V Dual Schottky diode —a powerhouse in e-bike charging technology. This dual 15 A, 200 V Schottky diode is engineered for precision and speed, offering a high reverse voltage that is critical for today’s high-capacity batteries. 

It is designed for the output stage of a forward converter, configured in a common cathode setup, these diodes ensure optimal performance, by operating at reduced current levels, they minimize power losses and heat, allowing for quick and efficient charging. With the SBCT30200, even high-capacity e-bike batteries can be fully charged in just a few hours. 

Unlocking Possibilities in E-Bike Charging with SBCT30200 

  • Efficient Power Management SBCT30200 reduces power losses significantly, thanks to its high voltage threshold and efficient heat management, ensuring your bike charges quickly and safely. 

  • Compact and Powerful Designed to fit neatly within your charging unit, this diode makes the most of small spaces while delivering robust power. 

  • Adaptive Charging Whether you are powering up a 36V city bike or a 52V mountain model, the diode adjusts to provide optimal current, ensuring a fast charge without the wait. 

  • Ready When You Are with Diotec’s technology, your bike is charged and ready to go in a fraction of the time, making spontaneous trips and long tours hassle-free. 

Make your e-bike adventures more efficient with Diotec's 200 V Schottky diode. Enjoy the freedom to explore knowing that your e-bike is powered by reliable technology. 


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