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SUMIDA: Pin Type Shielded High-Power Inductor DPQ5050/T150


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

One of the primary challenges in high-power applications is the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions. Designed to excel where others falter, the SUMIDA DPQ5050/T150 is an AEC-Q200 qualified inductor, boasting a flat wire wound, and ferrite core-based construction, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance in the most demanding environments, ensuring its reliability, for high-power buck/boost DC/DC converters and PFC chokes & filters for EV OBC. 

The DPQ5050/T150 inductor is designed to meet the rigorous automotive standards set by AEC-Q200, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. This makes it an ideal choice for automotive applications where durability is non-negotiable, with its robust construction and high-quality materials guaranteeing a long service life, even in the most demanding environments. 

One of the key features of the DPQ5050/T150 is its magnetic shielding, which protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI). This shielding ensures stable operation even in electrically noisy environments, safeguarding critical electronics from potential disruptions. 

The DPQ5050/T150's pin-type structure is another standout feature, where the design facilitates easy integration into existing circuitry, streamlining installation and minimizing assembly time. 

Furthermore, the DPQ5050/T150 boasts a wide operational temperature range, spanning from -40°C to +150°C (including self-heating), allowing it to maintain consistent performance under extreme thermal conditions, ensuring reliable operation in a variety of applications. 

In terms of voltage tolerance, the DPQ5050/T150 is capable of withstanding an absolute maximum voltage of 500V. This provides robust protection against voltage spikes, ensuring the longevity and reliability of connected systems. 

SUMIDA Pin Type Shielded High-Power Inductor DPQ5050/T150 is a versatile and reliable solution for high-power electronics applications. Its robust design, wide temperature range, and high voltage rating make it an ideal choice for demanding environments. 

Contact us to learn more about the SUMIDA Pin Type Shielded High-Power Inductor DPQ5050/T150 and how it can enhance your high-power electronics projects. 

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