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DEGSON: Reliable industry-standard EV Power Connectors


Thursday, November 30, 2023

The automotive industry continually explores borders in safety, scalability, and reliability. This ongoing innovation, in technologies like electric battery systems and charging stations, has spurred the development of cutting-edge solutions, especially in the increasing demand for interconnects that exceed industry-standard requirements.

In applications demanding high power, such as EV charging systems, the quality of EV connectors in ensuring safe and reliable transfer of electricity cannot be overstated. These connectors must handle high currents and voltages, withstand environmental elements, and resist corrosion. The consequences of poor-quality connectors can be severe, ranging from fire hazards and electrical shock to reduced system performance and equipment damage.

Recognizing the critical importance of reliable EV connectors, DEGSON, a leading manufacturer of connectors, has introduced a new series tailored to meet the growing demands of the EV market. DEGSON's EV connectors are distinguished by their unwavering reliability, durability, and safety, crafted from high-quality materials, and incorporate a range of safety features meticulously designed to surpass industry standards, ensuring a secure and efficient charging experience.

  • IP66/IP67 ingress protection: The enclosure of DEGSON EV Connectors, rated IP66/IP67, remains unaffected by dust exposure for 8 hours and withstands high-pressure liquids at close range and high temperatures.

 Product Line

DEGSON offers a wide range of EV connectors, including:

  • AC and DC EV chargers: DEGSON's EV chargers are available in AC and DC models, and come in a variety of power ratings to meet the needs of different EV models. The chargers are designed to be safe and reliable for load balancing.
  • Charging sockets: DEGSON's charging sockets are available in inlet and outlet models, and they are compatible with a variety of EV standards. The sockets are designed to be durable and weatherproof, and they feature a variety of safety features, such as childproofing and overcurrent protection.

DEGSON EV Charging Outlet Socket

  • Accessories: DEGSON also offers a variety of accessories for EV charging systems, including EV park holders and bags for carrying and storing EV chargers.

If you are an engineer or OEM of charging stations, choose reliable connectivity with DEGSON for EV connectors. Contact us today to learn more about DEGSON's portfolio of EV connectors.

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