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Safeguarding Solar-Powered Lanterns with SDB13HS Schottky Diodes


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ensuring the longevity and reliability on solar powered glass lanterns requires meticulous attention to component selection. One crucial element is the incorporation of a reverse polarity protection diode to prevent unwanted battery discharge through inactive solar cells. SDB13HS Schottky diode is a compact and efficient solution from Diotec Semiconductor.

The SDB13HS stands out as an ideal choice for solar module polarity protection applications in glass lanterns. Its compact PowerSOD-323 package ensures a space-saving footprint, while its robust 1 A / 30 V rating safeguards against potential overcurrents. In particular, when operating at a typical current of 100 mA and a junction temperature of 125°C, the diode exhibits a remarkably low forward voltage of 280 mV. This translates to minimal power loss, a critical factor for optimizing battery life.

Moreover, the SDB13HS excels in minimizing reverse leakage current, a crucial parameter for preserving battery charge during periods of darkness or standby mode. At 5 V and 25°C, the diode's reverse leakage current is less than 40 µA, ensuring that precious battery power is not squandered through inadvertent drainage.

The SDB13HS embodies the perfect balance of power handling, efficiency, and leakage control, making it an indispensable component for solar-powered glass lanterns. Its ability to prevent battery discharge, coupled with its minimal power loss, extends the operational lifespan of these eco-friendly lighting solutions. As the demand for sustainable lighting alternatives continues to soar, the SDB13HS promises to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the longevity and reliability of solar-powered glass lanterns.

Contact us today and try the power of SDB13HS for your solar-powered lighting applications.

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