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Get Stable Output Voltage with Diotec’s Linear Voltage Regulators


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Diotec’s new line of surface mount linear regulators designed to provide stable output voltage from a wide range of higher input voltages. These robust regulators are well-suited for a variety of applications, making them a valuable addition to any engineer's toolkit.

With their simple 3-pin internal configuration and compact package dimensions, Diotec's linear voltage regulators are exceptionally easy to use. This simplifies the design process and streamlines production, saving both time and cost.

The regulators come in a variety of industry-standard packages, including SOT-223, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-92, and SO-8. This wide range of package options ensures that designers can find the perfect regulator for their specific needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Positive Voltage Regulators (Fixed version)
  • Negative Voltage Regulators (Fixed version)
  • Low Dropout Voltage Regulators (Adjustable and Fixed version)
  • Low dropout & Low Quiescent LDO Voltage Regulator (Fixed version)


  • Post regulators for switch mode power supply
  • DC/DC converters
  • Active SCSI termination regulators
  • Battery powered electronics
  • Mobile / Smart Phones
  • Home automation systems
  • Game consoles

Shield Your Electronics from Voltage Spikes with Diotec's Voltage Regulators

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