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High-Speed EV Charging Plugs from Degson


Monday, September 5, 2022

With a set target to phase out sales of internal combustion engine cars, governments worldwide have encouraged Electric vehicles as the main road transport technology. With that, EV charging infrastructure is also expanding rapidly around the world. However, slow charging times are holding back potential EV customers.

That is why Degson has released their CCS2 Type 2 Connector which allows you to charge your electric vehicle quickly and safely. This high-speed, flexible device is equipped with a plug and cable to accommodate both AC and high-speed DC charging.


  • Can withstand a 1-meter height drop and two tons of car crashes
  • Using high-strength thermoplastic material, flame retardant grade UL94-0 V
  • Terminals use copper plated with silver for longer service life.
  • The service life of plug and unplug is more than 10000 times

Based on the IEC 62196 Type 3 design, it comes oval with circular top and bottom edges and flat right and left edges and carries a maximum power of 24 kW. It carries single-phase AC power on two conductors, another couple of connections for communication and signal, and a protective earth connection on the fifth conductor.

The CCS2 Type 2 Connector is designed to withstand a 1-meter height drop and two tons of car crushing. It is made of a high-strength thermoplastic material that meets UL94-0 V flame retardant requirements.

This cable connector comes in various amperages from 80A up to 200A and comes in standard cable lengths of 5m, 7m, and 10m. The interconnect is made of heat-resistant, ruggedized material and features a terminal use copper plated with silver for a longer service life that can endure high-temperature swings over an extended period.

The charging cycles and the operating conditions both place stress upon the components; however, these plugs are tested to last with more than 10,000 plugs and unplugs.

As an ISO-certified and authorized distributor of Degson, IBS Electronics is committed to providing top EV connectors for your application. We operate a global sourcing network with offices in the USA, Asia, and Europe. We are your one-stop distributor for all your manufacturing needs as we offer the lowest prices on the market. Do you have a project that requires unique specifications? Get in touch with us now to work with our design engineers to create a unique solution for you.

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