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WTL Smart Gas Meter Solutions


Monday, August 29, 2022

Gas is a natural resource that is used to produce electricity and heat. It is a byproduct of oil and coal extraction, as well as many other sources of energy. Natural gas is also used as fuel for vehicles, heating water, and cooking food. 

With our effort to move to cleaner and renewable energy, natural gases still continue to play a key role in meeting the future energy requirement of power and industrial sectors worldwide. In the United States alone, a total of 30.28 trillion cubic feet was consumed in 2022. That’s a lot of gas! 

This is where WTL comes in. They have developed a series of quartz crystals that gives out a definite measurement of gas consumption in smart meters. These crystals are targeted for applications like residential or commercial locations at a low-cost rate.  

They help measure how much natural gas you are using each month, as well as how much energy is being used for each sale—so you can keep track of your energy usage! You can even set up reminders, so you remember to use less gas or switch over to renewable energy sources if necessary. 

Their quartz crystal series helps gas meters maximize their measurement accuracy allowing infrastructure maintenance, remote location monitoring, and automatic billing. Additionally, it can be used to detect gas leaks that can significantly raise safety by spotting emergencies and remotely interrupt gas supply in the event of a seismic activity or gas leak. 

WTL TX3 dimension


– Ultra-thin, compact 

-High precision and high-frequency stability  

– Offers a wide range of Frequency Available 

-Excellent heat resistance and environmental characteristics  

-Designed for automatic mounting and reflow soldering  

-RoHS Compliant / Pb Free 

WTL Crystals Gas Meter Solutions

WTL Crystals provides alternative solutions to obsolete series from Tier 1 brands, including Murata, Epson, Abracon, and many more. Reach out to one of our sales representatives at [email protected] to get pin-to-pin replacements for EOL components and get your free samples delivered in less than 5 weeks! 

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