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Limit Static Charges Build Up with 3M Static Control


Monday, August 22, 2022

3M™ Static Control Surface Mark Remover 8001 for Static Control Mats is an extra-strength product for getting rid of everyday dirt and grime as well as tough spots and stains in all types of static control surfaces like table mats, floor mats, rigid laminate bench tops, portable field service kit work surfaces, and many more! 

Contrary to other remover products, Mark Remover 8001 does not leave behind any sticky residue that can collect dirt, harm delicate components, or raise the surface’s resistance to contact. 

Another beneficial feature of Mark Remover 8001 is its antistatic capability. By keeping a constant surface resistivity (1011 ohms/square) over time in both typical (55% RH) and dry (13% RH) settings, it has proven to be an excellent topical antistatic in tests conducted by 3M. This simple-to-use product can be applied at full strength and is suitable for any washable static control surface. 


  • Removes difficult spots and stains as well as ordinary dirt and grime 
  • Leaves no tacky or corrosive residue 
  • Effective topical antistatic 
  • Water-based formula 
  • Usable on any washable static control surface 
  • Ready-to-use full-strength 
  • No chlorides or sulfides 
  • No rinsing needed 
  • Nonflammable 
  • 2-year shelf life. Freeze/thaw stable 
  • Fresh, clean scent 

It is a clear, colorless, homogeneous, water-based liquid that contains detergents, conditioners, and other cleaning additives and has a fresh, clean scent. Simply spray on any washable surface and wipe off with a clean cloth or sponge — no rinsing needed. The cleaner is designed to be used at full strength and supplied in handy quart spray bottles. 

3M industrial products are available for purchase through IBS Electronics, Inc., and may be shipped anywhere in the world. Contact us through to get your samples today! 

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