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Powering Urban Mobility with S2Y2 Rectifier Diode from Diotec


Monday, March 4, 2024

The rise of electric bikes (e-bikes) has transformed the way people commute, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to traditional transportation. However, one challenge e-bike users face is finding accessible and convenient charging solutions on the go. 

Traditional e-bike charging methods often have limited access to power outlets, hindering the widespread adoption of e-bikes as a primary mode of transportation. This inconvenience can discourage potential e-bike users from embracing this eco-friendly mode of transport. 

The S2Y2 A/2000 V rectifier diode offers a convenient and comfortable solution for charging e-bikes, peddlers, and other Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), increasing their frequency of use by cyclists. Whether you're in the city, at work, or traveling, charging your e-bike becomes possible with these innovative charging stations. Designed for outdoor conditions, they make public charging easy and convenient. 

Features and Benefits: 

      • Space-Saving Design 

      • High Voltage Rating 

      • Forward Surge Current 

      • Efficient Charging 

One of the key features of the S2Y rectifier diode is its space-saving DO-214AA/SMB case outline, which makes it ideally suited for automatic PCB assembly, ensuring easy integration into e-bike charging stations, and reducing manufacturing complexity and costs. 

Additionally, the S2Y diode offers an impressive 2000 V rating, making it robust against voltage surges commonly encountered in circuits connected to public mains. This reliability ensures a long-lasting service life for e-bike charging stations, providing users with a dependable charging solution. 

The S2Y rectifier diode also features a forward surge current of 50 A at 50 Hz/10 ms, enhancing its durability and performance. This feature ensures that the diode can handle the demands of high-power charging, making it suitable for charging electronics offering 36 to 72 W of output power. Whether users are charging a single e-bike or multiple bikes simultaneously, the S2Y diode ensures a reliable and efficient charging experience. 

Revolutionize your e-bike charging experience with reliable, efficient, and convenient solutions for public e-bike charging stations. Contact us to learn more about the S2Y Rectifier Diode empower cities and communities to embrace a greener, more sustainable future. 

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