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Tap into the Power of KOA Speer Electronics Resistors


Wednesday, January 4, 2023

KOA Speer has gained a reputation for producing high-quality products that meet the needs of its global customers. Resistors are essential components used in electronic circuits for controlling current, managing voltage, and establishing electric connection paths. As such, KOA Speer offers a variety of resistor options that offer a range of values, tolerances, and current handling capabilities to meet the needs of customers. 

At the heart of the KOA Speer resistor product line are the company’s series of SMD (surface-mounted device) resistors. These SMD resistors are typically used for applications in which size and weight are a factor, given that their small size allows for easy mounting even in tight spaces. SMD resistors come in two primary varieties – metal film and metal oxide. Metal film resistors are characterized by their lower temperature coefficient and prominent noise reduction capabilities, while metal oxide resistors feature superior moisture resistance and where cost is a major concern. 

Along with offering SMD resistors, KOA Speer also manufactures thick and thin film resistors. Thick film resistors are characterized by their high stability, tolerance, and noise immunity, making them ideal for temperature-sensitive applications. On the other hand, thin film resistors are notable for their minimal temperature coefficient, low noise, and miniscule power dissipation ratings, which makes them well suited for high-temperature applications. 

KOA Speer resistors are available in a variety of product categories, such as through-hole, automotive, power, and high precision. These products are carefully designed to provide precise resistance values and low temperature coefficients for stability in a variety of settings. The company also provides complete specifications for each resistor type, allowing potential customers to conduct thorough reviews and comparisons to ensure that they choose the most suitable resistor for their application. 

With a vast range of product offerings, and decades of experience, KOA Speer is one of the leading manufacturers of resistors in the world. The company consistently works to develop innovative products to meet the ever-changing needs of the resistor market, and its products are consistently available worldwide. With a commitment to quality, and philosophy of continual innovation, customers can trust that KOA Speer resistors will deliver power and performance in even the most demanding situations

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