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Upgrade Electrical Circuit Control with ATE Electronics


Monday, December 26, 2022

ATE Electronics is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality resistors, offering world-class capabilities in design, engineering, production, and quality assurance. Their comprehensive resistor portfolio boasts a wide array of resistive elements for a range of purposes, from power distribution to signal filtering. Their resistors are made from high-quality materials such as film and thick-film on ceramic boards, deliver consistent performance and longevity, even in elevated temperature and energy-intensive applications. 

Featuring advanced process competences and years of expertise in chip production, ATE provides cutting-edge solutions for reliable performance that can handle extreme conditions and contamination issues. 

Combining both tight tolerance levels and high accuracy to meet demanding requirements, their products show high reproducibility characteristics even at the highest frequencies. ATE’s robust quality management system ensures consistency in product quality by relying on innovative testing methods with the latest technologies to guarantee successful results over time. 

ATE Electronics products set: 

  • CS axial wire wound resistors (2W to 15W), thanks to row materials of exceedingly high quality and reliability, can replace with better performances resistors in ceramic glaze. 
  • Aluminum housed RB series (10W to 250W) can supply in small dimensions high power with lower operating temperature. 
  • CS and RB series can be supplied on request in special versions (fuse resistors, high pulse overload, non-inductive) and with custom leads (high insulation voltage terminals, fast-on, screw) 
  • Symmetry resistors SR (10W & 13W) for voltage divider and discharge of electrolytical capacitors. 
  • Thick film resistor PR (100W to 800 W) for snubber and filter applications due to their low parasitic inductance 

Their advanced production techniques guarantee product accuracy and consistency, reducing customer costs over time. Moreover, all components are rigorously tested before shipment to ensure constant product reliability throughout their lifetime. As a result, customers can trust ATE’s products to meet the most stringent industry standards while providing a cost-effective solution to their needs. 

As a leading distributor of resistors from ATE, IBS Electronics provides customers with high-quality products and solutions to meet their exact needs. Our experienced team understands the importance of providing the right product at the right time, offering the best possible lead times while delivering personalized customer service every step of the way. Contact IBS today at [email protected] to discuss your ATE resistor requirements—and help you find ideal solution to your project. 

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