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Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud and AWS Are Awarded the Champions of "China Cloud Channel Leadership Matrix"

Published: 10.19.2023

Canalys recently released its first "China Cloud Channel Leadership Matrix" report, opening a new chapter in the channel leadership matrix series. This report aims to select outstanding vendors in the field of cloud channel ecology in China. Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS) stand out among many competitors for their outstanding performance in the cloud computing market and channel partner ecosystem development and are awarded the championship title to recognize their outstanding contributions in the industry.


The ranking of cloud vendors in the Canalys China Cloud Channel Leadership Matrix is based on feedback from partners, industry leadership of vendors, and evaluation by Canalys analysts. In the past 12 months, the champion manufacturer has demonstrated a leading level in promoting the development of the cloud channel ecosystem alongside industry peers, while also advancing their own business/strategy progress.


Compared to regions with high penetration rates of cloud services, the development of China's cloud channel market is still in its early stages. The market lacks a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of partners, and some manufacturers still hold traditional views, treating partners as intermediaries engaged in pure resale or distribution.


Considering the challenges faced by the Chinese cloud service market in acquiring new customers, leading cloud vendors have realized the increasing importance of channel ecosystems. It is worth noting that the customer demand in the Chinese cloud computing market has undergone significant changes - the customer base from the internet industry has become saturated, while the customer base from industries with lower levels of digitalization is more inclined to obtain customized cloud migration solutions. At present, the development of the channel ecosystem is more important than ever before. The channel ecosystem can expand customer coverage in a fast and low-cost manner to meet the constantly changing needs of customers.


The use and consumption mode of cloud services requires manufacturers to transform their cooperation methods with channels. Customers are increasingly relying on partner support in dealing with IT complexity and have put forward higher requirements for after-sales operation and maintenance service capabilities. Establishing a resilient, highly skilled, and diversified channel ecosystem is crucial for cloud vendors. At this stage of the development of China's cloud channel cooperation model, cloud manufacturers should prioritize the satisfaction of their partners, establish advanced partner plans, reward professional talents, and effectively handle channel conflicts, all of which are crucial.


Looking forward, the revenue generation opportunities of China's cloud channel ecosystem will become increasingly apparent. More partners have expressed their desire to develop their own capabilities and provide technical support through the Partner Program. Cloud vendors need to expand their support and training for their partners while ensuring their satisfaction and common business growth. While competitors strive to gain the favor of emerging partner groups, the biggest challenge facing champion manufacturers is how to maintain their leadership position in the next 12 months.


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