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LONGi Malaysia Boosts Renewable Energy in Malaysia with Serendah Module Plant Launch

Published: 10.18.2023

In an effort to advance sustainable energy initiatives, LONGi Malaysia Sdn Bhd unveiled its state-of-the-art 140-acre RM1.8 billion Serendah Module Plant. The inauguration ceremony, attended by esteemed state and corporate representatives, showcased Malaysia's dedication to becoming a key player in the global trade and industry arena. 

Deputy Secretary General (Investment) at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia (Miti), Datuk Bahria Mohd Tamil, reiterated Malaysia's commitment to fostering innovation and prioritizing sustainable growth. LONGi's confidence in Malaysia's vast potential underscores its position as the world's largest manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon wafers. 

The launch sets the stage for a promising future, as LONGi's Serendah Module Plant aims to host four production factories and employ over 2000 Malaysians by March 2024. The alignment of Malaysia's existing renewable energy initiatives, like hydroelectricity and green policies, with LONGi's goals showcases the synergies between the company and the nation. This progress was further fueled by corporate-friendly government policies, enabling LONGi to establish its facilities within a year after the land acquisition in Serendah. 

The establishment of the Serendah Module Plant signifies a significant stride towards a sustainable and innovative renewable energy landscape in Malaysia, fostering a promising environment for future growth.

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