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ETSI Establishes Industry Group to Define and Evaluate 6G Use Cases and Sensing Types

Published: 12.4.2023

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has taken a stride in the progression of 6G technology with the initiation of the Industry Specification Group for Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISG ISAC). The goal of this is to pinpoint and prioritize a comprehensive set of 6G use cases and sensing types while establishing a meticulous roadmap for their systematic analysis and assessment.

The outcomes are to be considered for integration into forthcoming 6G releases of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The group is committed to crafting channel models tailored to ISAC use cases and sensing types, subjecting them to rigorous validation through expansive measurement campaigns.

By meticulously ranking and scrutinizing 6G use cases and sensing types, the ISG ISAC assumes a pivotal role in guaranteeing that the next-generation technology realizes its complete potential, delivering augmented capabilities, broadened applications, and tangible societal benefits.

Key Highlights:

  • The ISG ISAC will define a prioritized set of 6G use cases and sensing types, focusing on advanced scenarios not covered by 3GPP Release 19.
  • The group will develop advanced channel models for ISAC use cases and sensing types, validating them through extensive measurement campaigns.
  • The ISG ISAC's work will lay the foundation for future 6G standardization and contribute to the realization of the full potential of 6G technology.

The ISG ISAC's activities are expected to significantly impact the development of 6G technology and contribute to shaping the future of wireless communications.

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